I have done quite a bit of training in my day.  I really enjoy teaching and helping people improve their stills.  In every single case, I learn plenty from whomever I am training.  Currently, I teach and mentor at USC and have done Master Class work for Gnomon.

Do you need training for your facility?  I can help!  I am skilled in VRay (Maya, Max) and Nuke.  I have taught many people Nuke and VRay over the years.  My goal is maximum effectiveness with minimum work.  Generally I use existing company materials to generate these training sessions.  If you need my services please contact me.

Here are some links to my training materials:


Archetype VFX Breakdown: Lighting and Compositing


Creating Highly Realistic Composites


Introduction to Nuke Compositing


Nuke Compositing in Production


Additionally, I was asked to tech edit a book but just did not have time to do it.  However, it’s a good read and for learning Nuke, it’s excellent!

Click here for a link to a book about Nuke