Full length Archetype film online now

The short film I supervised for Aaron Sims is online now.

I supervised the visual effects, on set and post.  Once the design, model, and textures were complete I stepped in and did shader design and setup in Maya using VRay.  Using VRay RT I managed to get a lighting rig for the main character within a couple of hours.  Once that was completed I started work on the hero comps which would lay the groundwork for all the shots of the show.  I knew I would have to build a system that was easy to use and quick since many of the people on the show had either not used Nuke before or were not seasoned compositors.  Aaron himself did a ton of comps also as he has a very keen eye, as you can imagine.  I would pop in to the Aaron Sims Company from time to time while working on other projects to check on the progress and also help push comps to final.

Ultimately, I am really happy with the final product and hopefully others are as well.  The entire team on this did a great job and it was seriously a labor of love for all involved.  It’s always excellent to work with people passionate about story telling and making good looking imagery.  This was one of those projects that had those properties in spades.  Many kudos to all!

[video_youtube width=”560″ height=”349″ autoplay=”true” autobuffer=”true” ]http://youtu.be/KB53H3-qOWk[/video_youtube]