Feature Film Work: Sandy Wexler, Patriot’s Day, All I See is You, Magnificent Seven, Ghostbusters, Seventh Son, After Earth, Here Comes the Boom, Project X, Spy Kids 4, Captain America, Thor, Priest, Iron Man 2, The Last Airbender, Book of Eli, 2012, The Forbidden Kingdom, Stealth, The Day after Tomorrow,Daredevil, Star Trek:Nemesis, We Were Soldiers, Vanilla Sky, Spy Kids, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, X-Men, Supernova

Commercial Work: Volkswagen, Infiniti, Microsoft, Zillow, Puerto Rico “The Vision”, Hess 2011, Autotrader, Chevrolet, Global Crossing, Cadillac, Gillette, Dodge, Dell, Sanyo,Maytag, Pepsi, American Express, Busta Rhymes, Gatorade, Maxwell, Jaguar, Target, Nine Inch Nails, Chevrolet, Mezzo, Cadillac, Hummer, Universal Halloween, McDonalds, Push Pops, Pontiac, Saturn, Cadillac, Fox Sports, SAAB, Hyundai, Quaker State, Navy, Ford, Smokey the Bear, Coke, Fidelity, Paul Mitchell, iPad app : Action Movie FX

Interactive Work : Guitar Hero Live (2015)

Work history

Adjunct Professor, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, 2011-Present

  • Ongoing class to develop burgeoning talent in the animation department
  • Created course curriculum
  • Developed instructional methods to improve knowledge retention
  • Adjusted classroom expectations in order to improve learning potential

VFX Supervisor, ZERO VFX, Venice, CA November 2015-Present

  • Hired to start up Los Angeles branch of existing Boston-based company
  • Assemble creative and technical team
  • Assist in designing workflow and pipeline tools and methodologies
  • Supervise multiple feature film projects concurrently
  • Train junior artists
  • Assist with lead generation for new business
  • Films : Magnificent Seven, Ghostbusters, Sandy Wexler, Patriot’s Day, All I See is You, Unannounced projects

Compositor/TD, A52/Elastic, Santa Monica, CA July 2015-November 2015

  • Composite shots for commercial
  • Assist team in writing some pipeline tools for Nuke integration

VFX Consultant, Activision, Santa Monica, CA October 2014-July 2015

  • Brought in to assess production process of Guitar Hero Live
  • Realized significant time and financial savings that increased quality on final product
  • Examine future roadmap for production to increase quality, reduce time, and reduce capital expenditures significantly
  • Manage communications between executive management and game studio

Lighting/Compositing, Pixomondo, Santa Monica, CA June 2014-September 2014

  • Light and composite shots for special venue project
  • Built a few software tools for work efficiencies

Compositor/TD, A52/Elastic, Santa Monica, CA April 2014-May 2014

  • Composite shots for commercial
  • Assist team in writing some pipeline tools for Nuke integration

Visual Effects Supervisor, Method, Santa Monica, CA March 2013 – March 2014

  • CG/VFX Supervision/Artist duties on projects for Microsoft, Infiniti, GE, Zillow,
  • Direct client interface along with bidding of a variety of work types
  • Films : Seventh Son

Visual Effects Supervisor, Svengali FX, Santa Monica, CA March 2012 – Feb 2013

  • Pipeline development for rendering and lut management as well as task automation
  • Hiring and building of a new team for 3D needs as well as compositing needs.
  • Specifying processes and implementations of workflow methods
  • Direct client interface along with bidding of all work
  • Films : After Earth

Visual Effects Supervisor/Compositor, Narrate Inc, Woodland Hills, CA August 2009 – Present

  • Own and operate this small VFX boutique for feature film and commercial work
  • Work services performed : compositing, fluid simulation for breath, digital intermediate work, pipeline development, lighting
  • Clients include: Relevant VFX, Speedshape, Zoic, Marvel, Luma Pictures, Black Swan

Visual Effects Supervisor / Stereographer, Speedshape, Venice, CA March 2011 – July 2011

  • Ensure 2,088 stereo shots are to directorial specifications
  • Design of complete workflow management system for entire show

Visual Effects Supervisor, Svengali FX, Culver City, CA January 2010 – April 2011

  • Establish new office location with complete infrastructure specification and build out.
  • Designed workflow and software pipeline for entire studio
  • Recruiting and employee retention
  • Films : Priest, Iron Man 2, The Last Airbender

Visual Effects Supervisor, ReelFX, Santa Monica, CA  December 2008 – January 2010

  • On set supervision
  • Software development
  • Color grading
  • Manage multiple teams on multiple projects
  • Bid/budget for new and current business
  • Create stringent approval methodologies for reduction in OT and uncompensated client changes

Visual Effects Supervisor, Speedshape, Venice, CA June 2006 – December 2008

  • Responsible for initial development of the entire technical architecture and artistic direction of the Venice office
  • Recruitment of nearly the entire workforce from June 2006 – December 2008
  • On set supervision
  • Custom Software development
  • Color Grading/DI
  • Lead teams of artists and manage clients
  • Bid and budget for current and new business
  • Consult with manufacturers for software tool customization and optimization

Visual Effects Supervisor, Sway Studio, Westwood, CA June 2005 – May 2006

  • Complete overhaul of 3D and 2D pipeline with custom scripts and new software implementations.
  • On set supervision
  • Leading teams of artists and managing clients.
  • Bid and budget for current and new business

3D Artist / Compositing Lead / Sequence Supervisor, Digital Domain, Venice, CA January 1998- June 2005

  • Responsible for delivery of 3D assets and 2D finished composites
  • Managing teams of artists
  • Custom development for Nuke (Internal Compositing system)
  • Significant R&D for new software and workflows


  • Texas A&M University, Environmental Design and Computer Science, College Station, TX
  • Art Institute of Houston, Associate of Applied Science, Houston, TX


VRay*, Terragen*, Nuke*, Scratch*, 3DS Max*, LightWave 3D*, Maya, Boujou, Photoshop* , Shotgun*, Qube*, Tcl, PHP, Python, Visual Basic, intro C, Irix, Linux, Windows, OSX

* beta tester


  • Adjunct Faculty – University of Southern California : 2011-Present
  • Author of 2 Nuke Instructional DVDs published at Gnomon
  • Featured : American Cinematographer, April 2006
  • Featured : Post Magazine, February 2006
  • Author: “Rendering for Compositing”, February 2002, IC3D Magazine
  • Columnist: “Pixel Monkey”, November 1999 – June 2000, 3D Design
  • Columnist: “Final Cut”, September 1998 – January 1999, Keyframe Magazine
  • Co-author: “Rendering for Film”, July 1999, 3D Design
  • Co-author: “Lighting 3D Cinematically”, June 1997, 3D Design
  • Co-author: “Cinematic Camera Techniques”, July 1997, 3D Design
  • Instructor: “Camera Animation”, 3D Design Conference, June 1997
  • Co-instructor: “Advanced Lighting with Gaffer and LightWave”, 3D Design Conference, June 1997